Listing Policy

At KARTSALE, our goal is to be the best and most trusted online marketplace where karters can connect to buy and sell karting equipment. To help create that trusted marketplace, we rely on our customers to use good judgement and create listings that are  relevant to the rest of the community. While we implicitly trust that the vast majority of our users will do the right thing, we have deployed a set of guidelines that govern the listings that appear on the KARTSALE site. Application of these policies will involve an element of discretion, and we reserve the right to reject any listing at any time.

Listing Content

Listings posted to the KARTSALE site should NEVER include:

- illegal content
- content in facilitation of the creation, advertising, distribution, provision or receipt of illegal goods or services
- offensive content (including, without limitation, defamatory, threatening, hateful or pornographic content)
- content that discloses another's personal, confidential or proprietary information
- false or fraudulent content (including but not limited to false, fraudulent or misleading responses to user ads transmitted via KARTSALE)
- malicious content (including, without limitation, malware or spyware)
- content that offers, promotes, advertises or provides links to unsolicited products or services.

Titles and Descriptions

All listings posted to the KARTSALE site should be clear, factual and accurately describe the item you are selling. Good descriptions result in more buyer interest. The titles and descriptions for all listings must adhere to the following guidelines:

- The listing text must relate directly to the product that you are selling.
- Words or phrase within the listing text must not be repeated unnecessarily for the sole purpose of promotion.
- Punctuation must NOT be used as a mechanism to attract a potential buyer's attention. Example of this include two or more exclamation points, etc.
- The listing text should be entered in mixed case. The entire ad cannot appear in all capital letters to attract a buyer's attention.
- Inappropriate language - of any sort - in any portion of a listing will not be tolerated.


While we encourage all users to post photos with their listings, in it important to keep the following guidelines in mind:

- The photo associated with a listing must be a photo of the item for sale.
- The photo must not exceed the maximum of dimension of 800 pixels in height or width
- The photo must be less than 500KB in file size
- The photo must be uploaded in JPG format (other formats such as .GIF, .PNG, and .BMP are not allowed)