Birel Cadet Kart / Komer 80 / Mychron 4

KARTSALE - Birel Cadet Kart / Komer 80 / Mychron 4      

Item Specifics

  • Make: Birel
  • Model: Cadet
  • Asking Price: $1,995.00

Item Description

Kart is in EXCELLENT condition!
Used less than 10 times
Komer 80 Engine
Brand new electric starter
Mychron 4 Kart Gauge
Small & Large seats to allow for growth
KartWorkz rolling Kart Stand
Full set of kart weights and hardware
Racing suit, neck brace, shoes, gloves
Just add fuel and head to the track!

Posted by roadrashrob

Last updated: 7/17/2019


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